09 VOCABULARY (The Hindu Editorial)

09 VOCABULARY (The Hindu Editorial)

01)  Hapless : అదృష్టం లేని, దురదృష్టం

Meaning: unfortunate.

Synonyms: unfortunate, unlucky, luckless

Antonyms: lucky

02) Sectarian : మత పరమైన, మతస్తుడు, సంప్రదాయమైన

Meaning: rigidly following the doctrines of a sect or other group.

Synonyms: factional, schismatic, cliquish

Antonyms: tolerant, liberal, broad-minded


03) Incursion : దండయాత్ర

Meaning: an invasion or attack, especially a sudden or brief one.

Synonyms: attack on, assault on, raid on

Antonyms: retreat


04) Anticipated : ఎదురు చూడటం

Meaning: look forward to.

Synonyms: forestall, intercept

Antonyms: dread


05) Plunge : మునుగుట, ముంచుట, నిమగ్నమవుట

Meaning: fall suddenly

Synonyms: crash, plummet, pitch

Antonyms: incline mound mountain


06) Frail : అస్థిరమైన, బలహీనమైన, సున్నితమైన

Meaning: weak and delicate.

Synonyms: infirm, weak, weakened

Antonyms: strong, fit