1) Fledgling – అనుభవం లేని

Meaning: a person or organization that is immature, inexperienced

Synonyms: emerging, arising

Antonyms:  mature

2) Conceded – సమ్మతించడం, ఒప్పుకోవడం

Meaning: admit or agree that something is true after first denying

Synonyms: admit, acknowledge, accept

Antonyms: deny

3) Intricate : కష్టమైన, జఠిలమైన

Meaning: very complicated

Synonyms: complex, complicated

Antonyms: simple, straightforward

4) Illicit : అక్రమ, మోసగించుట

Meaning: forbidden by law, rules

Synonyms: illegal, unlawful, illegitimate

Antonyms: licit, legal

5) Moratorium : నిషేధం లేదా తాత్కాలిక నిషేధం

Meaning: a temporary prohibition of an activity.

Synonyms:  ban, prohibition

Antonyms: continuance, continuation, persistence