1) Central government will setting up of the Nuclear Power plant at which place in Andhra Pradesh ?
Ans: Kovvada (Srikakulam Dist)
2) How much amount to Transgenders as monthly pension in AP ?
Ans: Rs.1500/- per month
3) Who inaugurate the Amaravati 3rd edition Marathon (10K and 5K runs) on Sunday ?
Ans: CM Chandra Babu Naidu

4) Who started the conference with Collectors of 115 Backward Districts at Delhi ?
Ans: PM Narendra Modi
5) Which temple would you find on a newly-released 10 rupee note?
Ans: Konark Sun Temple
6) On what day will the government introduce the 2018 budget?
AnsL: February 1st
7) Which union minister toured now in Indonesia ?
Ans: Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj
8) Where is the All India DGP's conference held ?
Ans: Tekenpoor, Gwalior ( Madhya Pradesh)
9) The Central government has allocated Rs 5369 crore for which project under the National Waterway-1 Mission?
Ans: Jal Marg Vikas Project (JMVP)
10) Which city becomes second major city (over 1 Crore population) to be declared open defecation free (ODF) ?
Ans: Hyderabad
(Note: First one is Mumbai City)
11) Central Govt. to introduce smart solutions in how many cantonments for introducing 'smart solutions' and upgrading civic amenities ?
Ans: Total 7 including Delhi
12) Who chaired for a panel to look into old port projects ?
Ans: Arun Jaitley (Central Finance Minister)
13) Which state government has imposed a spot fine of Rs.500 for open defecation ?
Ans: Maharashtra
14) The 3rd Edition of the Science Film Festival of India will be held in which State ?
Ans: Goa
15) India has excluded which Country from the list of National Knowledge Net work of SAARC countries ?
Ans: Pakistan
16) Which state to impose 50 paisa cess on petrol and diseal to fund road infrastructure ?
Ans: Madhya Pradesh
17) Central Govt. launches which platform to seeks suggestions to make living easier for common man ?
Ans: My Gov Plat form
18) Which state to host the 39th National Games in 2020 ?
Ans: Meghalaya
19) Radha Viswanathan died on 3rd January, 2018. Who is she ?
Ans: Carnatic vocalist (Daughter of MS Subbu Lakshmi )

20) Pakistan successfully tests a surface-to-surface anti ship missile in Arabian sea. It's name is...
Ans: Harba
21)World Braille day was observed all over the world on which date ?
Ans: January 4th
22) How many millions military aid to Pakistan has been stopped by the US?
Ans: Rs.12,000 crores
23) Astronomers have identified 200 times as many stars than the Sun?
Ans: Large Megalanic Cloud Galaxy