1.What is your future plan?

A.After my degree I want to do M.B.A.. I will take Marketing as specialization in MBA

2.What are your hobbies?

A. I play chess in my free time. Some times I go out and do window shoping.

3.Why is he angry?

A.I don't know why he is angry, but I guess that manager insulted him yesterday, so he is angry.

4.Why are you going to market now ?

Α.Because my mother asked me to bring vegetables. So I am going to market now. I will be bank within 30 minutes.

5.When do you repay my amount?

A.I pay your money as soon as I receive my loan. I am Waiting for that loan to pay your money.

6. When will you solve this problem?

A.Immediately after returning from the U.S.A. I will talk to him and then I solve this matter.

7.Where do you stay?

A.I stay in Jawaharnagar 2nd lane, Sathupalli, I have an own house there.

8.Where is your office in Malakpet?

A.Beside TV tower opposite to Reliance fresh shop my office is located. It is in 2nd floor.

9.Which is your book?

A.That red colour book is my book.

10.Which subject do you like most?

A.I like English subject very much.

11.Whose building is this?

A.This is my friend Raghava's building. He constructed it in November. At present he gave it for rent.

12.Whose car is this?

A.This is my car. I brought it last month.

13.Who is first in your class?

A.My friend Latha is class first. She is hard worker. Her mother also helps her in studies

14.Who told this news to you?

A.My friend Prakash told this matter to me yesterday, when I was in class he told that news.

15.Whom do you support?

A.I support TDP when Chandrababu was ruling, he did so much to poor people. So I support TDP.

16.Whom do you like in cricket?

A.I like Sachin very much. He is master blaster.

17.How do you go to office daily?

A.I go to office by Scooter daily.

18.How does she cook?

A.She cooks deliciously.

19.How far is Aswaraopet from Sathupalli?

A.Aswaraopeta is 36 KM from Sathupalli.

20.How far is your house from bus stand?

A.Myhouse is just 1 KM from Bus Stand.

21. How often do you visit temple?

A.I visit temple daily.

22.How often do they play cricket?

A.They play cricket every Sunday.

23.How much money does he want?

A.He wanted Rs.10,000/-

24.How much time does it take to go to Yellandu'?

A.It takes 3 hours to go to Yellandu.

25.How many times have you visited agra?

A.I never visited Agra.

26.How many players do we need to play chess?

A.We need only two players to play chess.

27.How long has she waited for me'?

A.She has waited 2 hours.

28.How long do you stay in Bangalore?

A.I stay one week in Bangalore.

29.How long ago have you visited Tirupathi?

A.I visited Tirupathi 2 years back

30.How long ago has he cautioned you?

A.He cautioned me one month back.

31.How soon can you complete the work?

A.I can complete this work within 2 days.

32.How soon do you reach Cinema Hall'?

A.I reach cinema hall within 10 minutes.

33.How fast does he walk?

A.He walks 6 KM per hour.

34.How early do you finish this work?

A.I finish this work by tomorrow morning.

35.How early can you solve this problem?

A.I can solve this problem within 2 hours.

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