1) Who has been appointed as the DGP of Andhra Pradesh recently?
Ans: M.Malakondaiah ( 1985 Batch IPS Officer)
2) Janmabhoomi program is scheduled from January. Which key area the government is focusing on?
Ans: Health sector
3) Which agency would be formed to prevent the usage of Chemicals in the agricultural sector in AP?
Ans: Agri Watch agency
4) How much amount of pension does the AP government has announced for Hizras?
Ans: Rs.1500
5) Ap govt decided to develop 7 Islands as tourist places on a river? Name the river.
Ans: Krishna River
6) Which Airlines is going to operate their flights from New Delhi to Vijayawada from 2nd March 2018 ?
Ans: IndiGo

7) Film star  Rajanikanth announced his entry into the Politics. The real name of Rajanikanth is?
Ans: Sivaji Rao Gaikwad
8) With which film did Rajinikanth enter the film industry?
Ans: Apoorva Ragangal (1975)
9) First Aircraft museum was inaugurated recently by President Ramnath Kovind at Visakhapatnam. Now, the second museum will be opened at which place?
Ans: Kolkatta (West Bengal)
10) Indian History Congress (IHC) 78th sessions to be held in which city?
Ans: Kolkatta
11) Who has been appointed as the new President for the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR)?
Ans: Vijay Sahasrabuddhe
12) On which date, Andaman and Nicobar Islands administration has celebrated the 74th anniversary of First Flag Hoisting day?
Ans: December 30
13) India's first bitcoin trading app was launched as...
Ans: Pluto Exchange
14) India has signed a loan agreement worth 40 million dollars with World Bank for Tourism development project. For which state the loan has been sanctioned?
Ans: Uttar Pradesh
15) National Children Science Congress's 25th Edition to be held in which city?
Ans: Ahmedabad
16) Central Govt sanctioned Rs.5 Lakhs assistance to the family of player Nitisha Negi. Which sport does Negi belong to?
Ans: Football
17) Which Indian won the 2017 World Rapid Chess Championship in Riyadh?
Ans: Viswanathan Anand
18) Who won the gold medal in senior 50m pistol event at 61st National Shooting Championships Competition?
Ans: Jitu Rai

19) After US, which country confirmed its withdrawal from UNESCO?
Ans: Israel
20) Who has won the Globe Soccer's best player award of the year 2017?
Ans: Cristiano Ronaldo
21) Who is Liberia's new president?
Ans: George Weah